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How Much Will New Gutters Cost in Rockford?

We don’t think much about the gutter systems in our homes until they fail. When we see the waterfalls over the edge of our gutters during a strong rainstorm or evidence of water in the basement, we may begin to wonder when we last cleaned out the gutter system. It is important to make sure the gutters are working properly to prevent mold, mildew, or other water damage to your residential roofing system as well. 

Replacement gutters in Rockford are approximately $2500. This range is due to the gutter style chosen, the gutter material, and the size of the home. 

Trust the roofing professionals at Total Exteriors in Rockford when it comes to replacing your current gutter system. We install gutters that are customized to serve your home’s drainage needs. With a quick and efficient installation process, you can have new gutters in no time that will not only protect your home but enhance the curb appeal with a clean fresh new look. 

Des Moines Metro Trusted Gutter Installers

What types of gutter systems do we install? We have a wide variety of gutter options available. We will help you carefully weigh those options to choose the best system for you, your home, and your budget. 

Seamless Gutter System:

  • Custom Cuts – your home is precisely measured and the gutters are cut on-site
  • Reduced Debris Build-up – seamless gutters do not have joints where debris, leaves, and twigs can get cluttered
  • Fewer Joints – as mentioned above, there are fewer joints in a seamless gutter 
  • Less Leakage – minimal joints + less debris buildup equals less leakage of water
  • Visually Appealing – a sleek and smooth appearance
  • Color Match – a variety of colors can be chosen to match the siding of your home

K-Style Gutter System:

  • No Leaks – this system also offers a seamless finish, making it less prone to leakage
  • Large Capacity – massive rainstorms and excessive rain can easily be handled by this type of gutter
  • Strong and Durable – less likely to bend or protrude when impacted by force
  • Ease of Installation – these are flat on one side, easy to install, and there is no need to worry about brackets
  • Readily Available – they can come in aluminum, galvalume, and copper. 
  • Stylish – this system mimics crown molding, making it an elegant appearance and addition to the home

Box-Style Gutter System:

Box-Style Gutter System Total Exteriors
  • Increasing in popularity due to the unique shape 
  • Clean lines 
  • Fixed directly to the home – won’t warp or bend
  • Durable – built to last!
  • Excellent for flat roofs  – the larger make of these gutters will allow water to move quickly without getting clogged or backed up
  • Seamless installation – since it is installed perfectly to your home, there will be no gaps or sagging

How do you know if it’s time to replace your gutter system?  

Animals are Present

Birds, squirrels, snakes, and rodents can make homes in the gutters and downspouts. If you notice more animals are present near the roof of your home, they may be creating families and moving into your gutter system. A regular inspection will make sure animals are finding their homes elsewhere. 

Spilling Water Over the Edges

Waterfalls are lovely to watch, but not with your gutter system! If you notice waterfalls, as you look outside your window, then you will know it is time to clean out your gutters. Debris can quickly build up in the gutters, causing water to not flow freely. This will cause the water to overflow over the edges creating a small waterfall. If debris has built up in the gutters and downspouts, there is also a chance they are beginning to rust. The fasteners can become corroded and break. At this time, you will need to replace the gutter system. 

Sagging Gutters

This is an indication of extra weight on the system. Extra weight can be caused by debris, shingle grit, pine needles, or nests, as indicated above. The weight of the gutter will cause the fasteners to break and pull away from the roof. This could be a costly repair. 

Call us today to schedule an appointment to inspect your gutter water displacement system. We can help secure a solid system to protect your roof, foundation, and home from potential damage. Call Total Exteriors in Rockford today to learn more!  

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